ISSN: 0971-9032

Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics

Volume 26, Issue 11

Assessment of bone mineral density in multi-transfused thalassemia children.
Author(s): Pratap Garhwal, Pramod Kumar Berwal, Tarachand Saini, Anubhav Choudhary*
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Effect of nursing intervention on adjustment patterns of children suffering from phenylketonuria.
Author(s): Manar Fathi Hassan*, Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda, Safaa Salah Ismail
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Efficacy and safety of hydroxyurea in children with E-beta thalassemia.
Author(s): Subham Bhattacharya*, Habib Rahaman, Sumana Datta
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Earwax and topic alpha-tocopherol acetate: The cerumenolytic action.
Author(s): Domenico Testa*, Anna Donadio, Michele Andreotti, Giuseppe Massaro, Giovanni Motta
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Role of low dose thyroxine for subclinical hypothyroidism in preterm babies less than 34 weeks with feed intolerance.
Author(s): Balakrishnan G, Kumar N*
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