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Volume 25, Issue 8
Assessment of mothers knowledge and practice regarding exclusive breastfeeding.
Author(s): Sara Galal Mohammed*, Wafaa El-Sayed Ouda, Safaa Salah Ismail
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Volume 26, Issue 4
Autism spectrum disorders and electronic screen devices exposure in Al-Nasiriya city 2019-2020.
Author(s): Raid K Dehiol*, Lamyaa Jawad Dawood, Razzaq Jameel Alrubaee
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Pediatric PCNL-Our tertiary centre care experience.
Author(s): Dhanajay Selukar, Mahesh Borikar*
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Effects of vestibular rehabilitation exercises on children with hearing loss, cerebral palsy, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review.
Author(s): Ohud A Sabir*, Atheer M Alshomrani, Wasan M Alqarni, Khadijah A Bamusa, Eric G Johnson
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Characteristics of children with HIV/AIDS, adherence to antiretroviral treatment and related factors in a southern province of Vietnam.
Author(s): Hung Do Tran, Binh Chi Huynh, Khai Van Tran, Khai Quang Tran*
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Caries management by the oral biofilm care method: A randomized controlled trial.
Author(s): Yu-Rin Kim, Seoul-Hee Nam*
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Volume 26, Issue 3
Turkish validity and reliability study of the Montreal children's hospital feeding scale.
Author(s): Ibrahim Dogru, Gulay Manav, Pelin Uymaz*
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Impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on pediatric trauma injuries requiring surgery in Germany.
Author(s): Mine-Lea Meyer-Yeginer, Michael Boettcher, Konrad Reinshagen, Kristofer Wintges*
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Causes of peripheral hypotonia in infant and children attending Assiut university children hospital.
Author(s): Eman Fathalla Gad, Safiea Abd El-Fattah El-Deeb, Abeer Hussien, Azza Abouzeid*
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Knowledge, attitude, and practice in management of childhood fever among Saudi parents, in a rural area in Saudi Arabia.
Author(s): Karimeldin MA Salih , Hamed Alshahrani A, Yazeed Alshahrani F, Mohamed Hamid E, Mushabab AL-Ghamdi A, Kamal Elhassan EH, Jaber Alfaify, Mohammed Abbas, Mutasim E Ibrahim*, Ishag Adam
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The effect of maternal satisfaction on postpartum quality of life according to delivery method.
Author(s): Duygu Cuce, Nuriye Pekcan, Pelin Uymaz*
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Effects of core stabilization exercise and kinesio taping on pain, Cobb angle and endurance of trunk muscles in children and adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis.
Author(s): Mohamed I Kamel*, Ezzat El Sayed Elawh Moubarak, Bassam A El-Nassag, Ahmed Abd El- Moneim Abd El-Hakim, Radwa S Abdulrahman
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Volume 26, Issue 2
Comparison of CSF culture yield in BACTEC culture method versus conventional method in neonates with suspected meningitis.
Author(s): Chidanand Gudur, Rajendra Shinde*, Prathik Bandiya, Niranjan Shivanna, Bhavana J, Naveen Benakappa
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Evaluation of knee range of motion by a smartphone application on schoolaged children.
Author(s): Zeinab A Hussein*, Shimaa M Reffat
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Effectiveness of comprehensive newborn care package program on knowledge and practice among primi postnatal mothers at selected hospital Odisha.
Author(s): Kujur Minakhi*, Das Niyati, Sahoo Purnima, S Bhaktiswarupa
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Using virtual reality to improve learning in children with ADHD.
Author(s): Frolli A*, Ricci MC, Di Carmine F, Savarese G, Siciliano M, Carotenuto M, Rega A
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Electroencephalogram and cerebral hemodynamic monitoring in pediatric patients with sepsis and septic shock.
Author(s): Hanan M Ibrahim Youssef, Mervat Gamal El-Din Mansour, Iman Ali Abdel Hamid Elagouza, Hossam Moussa El Sayed Sakr, Ahmed Rezk Ahmed Rezk, Samuel Noshy Azer Beshay*
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Efficacy of muscle energy technique on forward head posture and cervical mobility in visually impaired children: A randomized controlled trial
Author(s): Eman Wagdy*, Noha Elserty, Hebatallah Mohamed Said Zaghloul, Marian Mamdouh Fayez
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Effects of supervised physical activity programs on functional performances and self-efficacy of adolescents: Pilot study.
Author(s): Asma Alonazi, Afnan Gmmash, Afnan Alkhateeb, Ohud Sabir, Muataz Almaddah, Samiah Alqabbani*
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Volume 26, Issue 1
Temperament and character of adolescent institutionalized orphans.
Author(s): Tariq Nazir, Mohd Irshad, Mudassir Hassan, Suhail Ahmad Choh*, Rifat Sarosh
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Morbidity profile and outcome of low-birth-weight infants in a tertiary care hospital in UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
Author(s): Imran Habib, Mohd Irshad, Suhail Ahmad Choh*, Tariq Nazir
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Effect of core stability exercises program on walking performance in children with diplegic cerebral palsy: A randomized control study.
Author(s): Doaa A Sanad*, Amira H Draz, Rania G Hegazy
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Clinical profile of poisoning in children aged 0-12 years in GMC Baramulla.
Author(s): Suhail Ahmad Choh, Tariq Nazir, Mohammad Irshad*
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Anorectal biofeedback influence on encopresis resulting from sexual assault in school aged girls: A randomized controlled trial.
Author(s): Hend Reda Sakr*, Hanaa Mohsen Abd-Elfattah, Mona Mohamed Abdelkhalek, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Elsayed Aly, Mahmoud Kamal Mohamed Mousa
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Functional outcomes of verbal-directed training versus visual-directed training in children with unilateral cerebral palsy.
Author(s): Wesaam S Elbagoury*, Tamer M. El-Saeed, Khaled A Olama, Mohamed I Kamel
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Primary school teacher's awareness and knowledge of dyslexia in Qassim region-Saudi Arabia.
Author(s): Alharbi Hatim Yousef*
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