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Profile of expert MTB/RIF in the diagnosis of children with suspected tuberculosis in tertiary hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Background: The accurate diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis remains a major challenge. Molecular diagnostic tests with expert MTB/RIF that are more rapid and or less expensive compared to the conventional culture techniques are used for diagnosis and drug-resistance testing. This study aims to describe the characteristics of children with suspected tuberculosis tested expert MTB/RIF in a tertiary hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia. Methods: A descriptive study was conducted on children with suspected tuberculosis in an academic teaching hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia between January 2016 and December 2020. Clinical materials were submitted to the laboratory for examination including sputum, pleural fluid, and gastric aspirate and expert MTB/RIF test was performed, with the outcomes described as MTB Detected, MTB Not Detected, rifampicin-sensitive, and rifampicin-resistant. Results: Among 887 subjects during five years study period, 253 (28.5%) were sputum samples, with others from gastric aspirate, cerebrospinal fluids, faces, material from abscesses, and other biopsy specimens or resected tissue. The total number of MTB Detected was 155 (17.5%) with the majority collected from 109 (70.3%) sputum samples, and the highest number of MTB Detected was found in age 10-18 years old 105/155 (67.7%). Drug sensitivity test showed 13 (8. 3%) rifampicin resistance with all samples were sputum, while 142 (91.6%) subjects showed no rifampicin resistance. Conclusion: Largest sample collections of children tested expert MTB/RIF were sputum, showing a high number of MTB positivity, with the majority aged 10-18 years old. Drug sensitivity test showed rifampicin-resistant results came from sputum samples

Author(s): Adwina Nurlita Kusuma Wardhani,* Retno Asih Setyoningrum

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