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The variant VNTR INS -23/Hph1 A>T (rs689) in the insulin gene has been related with TIDM in children.

T1DM is a complicated condition influenced with both inherited and biological conditions. Many studies have found a link between genetic variations and disease; however, the significance of specific gene loci is still unknown. The objectives of this paper were to see if there was a link between both the rs689 gene polymorphism and type1 diabetes in children. The A>T polymorphism in the INS-23/Hph1 gene is a significant risk susceptibility locus for TIDM in children, with T allele carriers having a 2.56 fold greater risk of getting the disease. Some of the conclusions are consistent with previous research, while others are not. The discrepancy in results could indicate that many mechanisms are at play, with central tolerance vs. peripheral tolerance being the most relevant aspect. This highlights the importance of doing susceptibility research on a local scale; results from one ethnic group or population cannot be applied to others. The study has other disadvantages, such as a small number of patients and a matched control group.

Author(s): Asmaa Lateef Neama, Mazin Majid Mohammed Ali, Alaa Jumaah Manji Nasrawi*

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