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The influence of health-related lifestyles on sedentary behaviors in Korean young adults.

 Background: Sedentary behavior has emerged as a major public health issue threatening the health of the Korean young adults. The purpose of this study was to identify the influence of health-related lifestyle on sedentary behavior in young adults.

Methods: The subjects were 191 young adults who were 19-25 years old. A structured questionnaire was used to investigate the subjects’ sex, age, family history of illness, smoking, alcohol consumption, body mass index, daily average sleep time, breakfast habit, physical activity, and sedentary time. The collected data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation, t-test, ANOVA, and multiple logistic regression.
Results: There were statistically significant differences in sedentary behavior by age (F=4.024, p=.019), smoking (F=9.114, p=.000), and alcohol consumption (F=4.102, p=.018). The factors affecting sedentary behavior in young adults were smoking (ß=.214, p=.003) and alcohol consumption (ß=.176, p=.014).
Conclusion: The study results suggest that a program should be developed taking into account lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking to reduce sedentary behavior in young adults.

Author(s): Young-Ran Yeun, Seong-Jung Kim, Hye-Young Kim, Yi Sub Kwak*

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