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The impact of carbonated milk beverages on human health

Carbonated milk beverages are drinks produced by the fermentation process (addition of yeast) and carbonated by mechanical or physical method. Recent studies show the consumption of carbonated milk beverages are becoming popular due to their nutritional and therapeutic effects. Products like kefir, koumiss, carbonated probiotic drinks and sparkling milk. According to research kefir has different health benefits like gastrointestinal proliferation, anti-bacterial spectrum, an anti-carcinogenic effect due to the presence of lactic acid formed during fermentation. It is also good for those who are lactose intolerant because of the high B-galactosidase activity enzyme which helps break down lactose sugar. Koumiss is first used by Mongolian people to treat tuberculosis, ulcers and hepatitis. It is rich in vitamin C, A, E, D and antibiotics. Carbonated probiotic drinks help in maintaining cholesterol level because lactic acid hinders the growth of bacteria in the small intestine by attaching the hexagen. Carbonated blueberry flavoured milk helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, anti-inflammatory effects and some forms of cancer because blueberry is a source of vitamins, flavonoids and other phenolic compounds (anthocyanins). Like this, some more benefits of carbonated milk beverages on human health are discussed briefly in this review which will be discovered by researchers.
Author(s): Sweety Kumari, Simridhi Jain, Syed Abbas Shakeel, Swarnima Singh, Solomon Creeham Kharbuli, Saleem Siddiqui , Devesh Raj, Sujata Pandit Sharma

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