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The association between the development and diagnosis of pulmonary disorder and oral health disease

 Periodontal disease and lung disease have many shared risk factors including: oral inflammation, genetics, smoking, and ageing. A more specific relationship outside of these risk factors has not yet been identified. Data collected from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) was analyzed to identify if a relationship exists between periodontal disease and lung disease. Of the 10,000 KNHANES participants, 5,251 cases completed an oral examination and all pulmonary function tests and these cases were selected for analysis. The KNHANES data analysis identified relationships between the oral healthcare maintenance practices and pulmonary function and subjective oral health, lung dysfunction, and higher decayed, missing, and filled-teeth (DMFT) index. The incidence of periodontal disease was 1.313 times higher in subjects classified with obstructive ventilation disorder. Future longitudinal studies are necessary to establish a clear correlation between periodontal disease and lung disease, but the conclusions drawn from the present study suggests a relationship is present between the development of periodontal disease and lung disease.

Author(s): Hae Eun Shin, Young-Ran Yeun, Yi Sub Kwak* Hye-Young Kim*

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