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Renal functions in term neonates admitted with dehydration in a tertiary care centre in Southern Rajasthan.

Background: Dehydration in neonates is common and many neonates undergo renal impairment due to its late diagnosis. The objective of the study is to assess the renal functions in neonates admitted with dehydration. Methodology: A prospective study on term neonates with clinical features of dehydration and weight loss of >10% after birth, admitted in OUTBORN NICU of Balchikitsalaya, R.N.T. Medical college, Udaipur for a period of 24 months from July 2015 to June 2017. Sick neonates with congenital abnormalities, birth asphyxia, sepsis were excluded. Ethical clearance and consent were taken. Results: The study population constituted 272 neonates with dehydration. Most neonates with dehydration 250 (91.9%) were admitted between day three to fourteen after birth. Mean weight loss after birth was 14.92%. Hypernatremia was observed in 156 (57.4%) neonates; 86 (31.6%) had hyperkalemia; 242 (88.9%) had high blood urea levels; 202 (74.3%) had high creatinine levels at admission; 23.5% neonates with dehydration had oliguria. Most of the neonates 262 (96.3%) were discharged. Ten neonates died due to various complications of dehydration and mortality was 3.67%. Conclusion: Dehydration in neonates is potentially lethal condition which can impair renal perfusion and so the renal functions. Early diagnosis of dehydration by regular follow up of neonates and daily weighing may help in reducing the morbidity and mortality.

Author(s): Sunny Malvia*, Suresh Goyal, Pradeep Meena, Lakhan Poswal, Mahendra Meena

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