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Pediatric imaging: A challenging task in radiography

Radiographic imaging is an extremely valuable diagnostic tool in pediatrics, for evaluating different abnormalities, but it comes with several challenges. Pediatric radiography is a valuable tool because it requires dedicated imaging exposure protocols to acquire images of different organs. The proper knowledge and high expertise are needed to evaluate the proper detailed images, and most importantly, it needs special consideration for radiation protection while using ionizing radiation. Pediatric radiography is challenging and needs special training for technologists to understand the psychology of the child, technologists should gain the trust and cooperation of the child duration the entire examination, which begins at the first meeting between the patient and the technologist that is everlasting and forges the bond of a successful relationship. Images acquired during pediatric radiography must have good contrast, and resolution with no-repeat examinations to prevent the harmful effects of radiation. The radiation principle should be followed i.e., justification, optimization, and dose limits while using ionizing radiation in the medical field.

Author(s): Maajid Mohi Ud Din Malik*, Geetashree Majumdar, Upender Kaushik, Sahil Gupta

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