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International Journal of Pediatrics


Pathophysiology and management of secondary lactose intolerance in infants: Role of casein-based nutritional supplement.

Diarrhea is a leading cause of malnutrition and is the third leading cause of death among children under five years. Secondary Lactose Malabsorption (SLM) induced by infectious gastroenteritis is more common and can be clinically significant, especially in infants for whom milk is the principal food. Compared to lactose-containing formulas, lactose-free supplementation can reduce the duration of diarrhea by an average of 18 hours. Also, several clinical studies have reported beneficial effects of on gut microflora, diarrhea, and immune function. This review discusses the role of casein-based nutritional supplements for infants with gastrointestinal disorders.

Author(s): Dhanasekhar Kesavelu, Tanvi Paryani*

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