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International Journal of Pediatrics


Myocutaneous cysticercosis in a 2-year-old girl: A rare case report.

Cysticercosis is caused by the larval stage of the tapeworm (Taenia solium). Humans can be infected either by consumption of improperly cooked pork or by consumption of improperly washed food contaminated with the eggs of the tapeworm. Although the larva most commonly affects the central nervous system and orbits but it can involve various other organs like muscles, lungs, liver, heart and subcutaneous tissues. It can present with variable clinical manifestations according to the organ involved. Here we report a case of a two-year-old girl with myocutaneous cysticercosis involving the right lumbar region. The patient was managed with a course of steroids initially followed by oral albendazole.

Author(s): Mohammad Tahazzul*, Raj Wardhan, Motamarri Naga Sai Manikya Deepu, D Piyush Jain

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