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International Journal of Pediatrics


Multidisciplinary approach patients with chronic/special needs

1. Differentiate Acute vs chronic care needs
2. Appreciate the need for multidisciplinary management
3. Again knowledge about different models for chronic (compressive care)
4. Understand the Role of the Physician /system with chronic /Special care
Clinical Scenario: Case 1: New patient walks into your office. Parents report that their 5 yrs. old is unable to walk, talk, or self-feed.
At times mother reports some jerking movements and “sleepiness”. Mother also reports at times chocking/ difficulties eating solid
food. Case 2: 61 yrs. old with DM, HTN, Hemiplegia, slurred speech s/p stroke now with a cough on and off for 1 month?

Author(s): Mishal Al Kasimi

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