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Multidimensional exploration of the neurodevelopment of children from 1 to 3 years old using the Ferre` Neurodevelopment Scale 0-3 (Ferre` NDS0-3)

The first three years are of vital importance for children's neurodevelopment; however, this is not usually assessed at an individual level on a preventive basis. Our aim was to assess the dimensions of muscle tone, motor response, perception, rhythm-inhibition and adaptation-relationship in 209 children from 13 to 36 months of age and to identify those that did not show a level in accordance with their chronological age. Experts in child neuropsychology and educators applied the NDS 0-3 Scale, for neurodevelopmental disorders from 0 to 3 years of age. The results showed the assessment of five subjects with scores below the minimum levels corresponding to their age who needed a more in-depth diagnosis. Elements were identified in which the scores were below the minimum levels in all dimensions while, on average, the level of overall neurofunctional development was equal to or greater than the chronological age in the factors considered: muscle tone (5.56), motor response (5.36), perception (5.16), rhythm and inhibition (5.56) and adaptation and relationship (5.67). It was concluded that it is possible to identify the neurodevelopmental characteristics in muscle tone, motor response, perception, rhythm-inhibition and adaptation-relationship and to detect those who show a delay in their neurodevelopment in order to make a more profound diagnosis and implement the necessary interventions. The findings have important practical implications for the diagnosis, neurodevelopment and interventions related to children's needs and the prevention of disorders.

Author(s): Llamas-Salguero F, Lopez-Farnandez V, Martin-Lobo P, Pradas-Montilla S, Sospedra-Baeza MJ

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