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Mothers' knowledge of infant sleeping position and its associated factors in Jimma town public health institutions, Oromia, South-West Ethiopia.

Background: Unsafe infant sleeping position associated with abrupt and unexpected newborn fatalities, including those caused by sudden infant death syndrome and other sleep-related conditions. Yet, the knowledge of Ethiopian mothers regarding infant sleep positions is still largely unknown. Therefore, this study was aimed to assess mothers' knowledge of infant sleeping position and its associated factors in Jimma town public health institutions in Oromia, South West Ethiopia. Methodology: An institutional based cross-sectional study was conducted on 409 women in Jimma town public health facilities. The sample size was calculated using the single population proportion formula and samples were taken after proportional allocation was performed for the hospital and health centers using the proportion allocation formula. Data were entered into epi-data version 3.1.1 and exported into Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 25.0 for cleaning and further analysis. Logistic regression analysis was performed to determine the association between the explanatory and response variables. The strength of association of the dependent and independent variables was presented as crude and Adjusted Odds Ratio (AOR) at a 95% confidence interval. The level of significance was declared at a p-value of less than 0.05 in multivariable logistic regression. Results: The proportion of infant sleeping position knowledge that was good was 45.5% (95% CI (50.1%-58.9%)), being married (AOR 2.74; 95% CI 1.25-6.04), not having an ANC visit (AOR 0.39; 95% CI (0.15-0.98)), and multigravida (AOR 1.59; 95% CI (1.2-2.49) were significantly associated with good knowledge of infant sleeping position. Conclusions: In this study, the proportion of maternal knowledge about infant sleeping position was very low. Being married, multigravida, and ANC visit were associated with having good knowledge of infant sleep position. Therefore, health workers should play a key role in disseminating information on safe sleep positions for mothers

Author(s): Aynalem Yetwale , Bilen Tigstu1 , Tsegaw Biyazin1 , Belete Fenta1 , Yalemtsehay Dagnaw2 , Yaregal Dessalew3 , Abebaw Alamrew4

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