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Effectiveness of vitamin c and e intervention on neuro-development of newborn baby with birth asphyxia: A randomized control trial

Background: Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E acts by giving electrons to free radicals which acts as an extra electron stabilizer to preventing them from causing damage to the cells in the body.

Objectives: To assess the effectiveness of Vitamin C and E intervention on the neurodevelopment of birth asphyxiated newborn babies.

Material and Methods: The study design was non-randomized, matched control carried out at neonatal ICU among birth asphyxiated term neonates delivered at rural tertiary health care centre located in the state of Maharashtra, India. The study duration executed from 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2019. A total of 100 participants were enrolled in the present study and followed over six months. A structured questionnaire was designed, validated, and utilized to collect data from participants. The data was analyzed for descriptive and inferential statistics by using SPSS 20 statistical software.

Results: The mean blood levels of Vitamin C and E were significantly higher in the study group as compared to control and also observed, those newborn babies received Vitamin C and E, their blood levels were 5.8 and 5.2 times higher in the study group as compared to control as indicated by Odd’s rato respectively. Max, 74% of newborn babies who received Vitamin C and E were hospitalized for less than 5 days. The maximum, 83.3% participants from the intervention group showed normal neurodevelopment and provides 3.7 times protective phenomenon concerning neurodevelopment.

Conclusions: The study concluded that early administration of Vitamin C and E in newborn babies serves as a protective shield for normal neurodevelopment.

Author(s): Mohite RV, Kshirsagar VY , Rithika D

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