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Echocardiographic parameters in normal children in Kerala, South India.

 Therefore, the reliability and validity of these measurements are of great importance.. Almost all the work has been done outside India and it is only recently that two major studies have been done in two centres in India so as to furnish nomograms for echocardiographic parameters in children in India. In the last four decades there has been much improvement in the echocardiographic equipment, that yields direct digital measurements and better two dimensional resolution for accurate placement of the M- mode beam Echocardiography is a leading technology for evaluating cardiovascular structure and function in children. As a result, life-altering decisions are constantly made on the basis of quantitative echocardiographic measurements issued by major cardiology organizations to guide the clinical application of echocardiography as when assessing the effects of medical therapy on the severity of valvular regurgitation and on ventricular compensation and function ; assessing patients with known cardiac defects to determine the timing of medical or surgical therapy; assessing and treating suspected cardiomyopathy, heart failure,; screening patients with genetically transmitted cardiovascular disease, such as cardiomyopathy etc; conducting baseline evaluation and re-evaluation of patients receiving cardiotoxic chemotherapy; monitoring patients with suspected or documented Kawasaki disease, myopericarditis, rheumatic fever etc.

Author(s): Riya Lukose*

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