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Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics


Covid-19 among children: Updates of the literature.

We conducted the present study to review the extent by which children are likely to be affected by COVID-19. There has been a perception that children are not affected by the corona virus, and accordingly, children were excluded from vaccination programs against this virus. The results of the present study showed that important proportions of patients with COVID-19 were children but developed less severe symptoms. Nowadays, the picture started to change, and children are recommended to have the vaccination anti-COVID-19 for protection purposes. 9. This review was carried out by reviewing the literature and exploring the contents about COVID-19. Up-to date, we think that the information about COVID-19 is expanding and new concepts are expected to develop.

Author(s): Faten A Alsheyab, Ahed J Alkhatib

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