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Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics


Analysis of miscarriage management from medical and Islamic perspective.

Despite certain medical treatment following miscarriage, there are also religious implications discussed by the Muslim jurists concerning the mother and the fetus. This article aims to analyze the miscarriage management according to medical and sharia perspective through qualitative approach and case study design. Data was obtained through document analysis and interviews. The study found that medical care management following miscarriage focuses on postpartum treatment of the mother. Meanwhile, the sharia emphasizes on the worshipping aspect of the mother and on the burial management the fetus.

Author(s): Siti Fatimah Salleh* , Siti Khatijah Ismail, Tengku Fatimah Muliana Tengku Muda, Lukman Abdul Mutalib, Nadhirah Nordin

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