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Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics

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Volume 25, Issue 10
The effectiveness of the metacognitive model with children in disadvantaged conditions.
Author(s): Frolli A*, Ricci MC, Rizzo S, Di Carmine F, Rega A, Savarese G, Franzese L
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Risk factor associated with low birth weight in Delhi: What does data suggest?.
Author(s): Dharmendra Kumar Dubey, Pramod Kumar Mishra, Richa Sharma
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Social portrait of families raising children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia.
Author(s): Saltanat Sairankyzy1*, Roza Zhakanovna Seisebayeva2,3, Ardak Nurbakytovna Nurbakyt1, Ovsyannikov Dmitry Yurievich4, Tamara Khamitovna Khabieva5
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Epidemiology and effect of a new variant (from alpha to delta strains) of SARS-COV-2 for children and adults.
Author(s): Bibigul Doltayeva*, Altynshash Kushkarova, Parkhat Utepov, Sara Yeskerova, Akmaral Zhumadilova
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Spina ventosa-an uncommon presentation of a common infection: A rare case series.
Author(s): Revathi V*
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Congenital icthiosiform erythroderma with vitamin D deficiency rickets in a 12 year old Indian boy.
Author(s): Goutham AS*, Prasoon Bhatacharjee
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Low knowledge of Brazilian pediatric doctors about fluoride toothpaste for children, pacifier use and child's first visit to the dentist field research.
Author(s): Renato Barcellos Rédua*, Kamilla Pessanha Kunsch, Cristiane Ferreira Camargo Bazan, Jaquelini Lorenzon
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Genetic variations of the mtCOX1 gene for Iraqi patients with tetralogy of fallot.
Author(s): Ali Jumhaa Alhussona*, Aqeel S Almandel, Makarim M Ali, Faizah AW Ahmed, Najim A Jabir Al Awwadi
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Experience of COVID positive pediatric surgical patients from a tertiary care center in a Himalayan state.
Author(s): Idrees Bashir, Raashid Hamid*, Akshit Sudhanshu, Tareq A Wani, Nisar A Bhat, Ajaz Ahmad Baba, Gowhar Nazir Mufti, Waseem Jan
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Attitudes compatible with the preservation of the affective state in young people with COVID-19.
Author(s): Fernando Eli Ledesma Pérez, Kelly Myriam Jiménez de Aliaga, Juana María Cruz Montero, Lindon Vela Meléndez, Enaidy Reynosa Navarro*
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