ISSN: 0971-9032

Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics

Volume 27, Issue 10

Age affects lateral spurring after pediatric humerus lateral condyle fractures: A retrospective cohort study.
Author(s): Tao Liu1, Chuan Dong2, Wu Wen3, Nan Li3
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Current environmental mercury poisoning of children: A literature review of its impact on global pediatric health.
Author(s): G. Subba Rao*
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Frequency of community-acquired pediatric vasodilatory septic shock: A single-center study.
Author(s): Radwa Sayed Iraqy*, Bassem Saad, Nabil Mohsen Abdelaziz, Yasser Nassef, HebatAllah Fadel Algebaly, Mostafa Tawfik, Ola Youis, Elshimaa Salah Ahmed
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Identification and validation of hub genes in children asthma and wheeze by bioinformatics methods.
Author(s): Yongfeng Xie, Jinming Zhang, Yunliang Cui*, Qinliang Xu*
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Evaluation of ELF-MF exposure levels for elementary school students in indoor and outdoor environments.
Author(s): S.D.N.A.M. Amila Madhushanka Weerasinghe1,2, Seung-Cheol Hong1,2
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