ISSN: 0971-9032

Current Pediatric Research

International Journal of Pediatrics

Volume 25, Issue 1

Beraprost as initial pharmacologic treatment for pulmonary hypertension related to left to right shunt congenital heart disease.
Author(s): Shirley Ferlina Lasmono, Mahrus A. Rahman, Ketut A Utamayasa, Teddy Ontoseno
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Clinical characteristics and associated socio-demographic factors of autism spectrum disorder in vietnamese children.
Author(s): Phuong Minh Nguyen, ThangThienTran, Tuan Van Tran, Linh Van Pham, Doat Van Do, DinhThi Kim Le, Thao Phuong Ngo, Han Gia Diep, Thang Nguyen*
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To study of stretched penile length and testicular volume in Indian newborns.
Author(s): Vipul Saneja, Amanpreet Sethi, Harshvardhan Gupta, Gurmeet Kaur Sethi, Seema Rai* , Amarpreet Kaur, Varun Kaul, Shashi Kant Dhir, Akshdeep Kaur
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Relevance of Minimal Invasive Dentistry during COVID-19 pandemic
Author(s): Vivek M*, Abhishek M
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A case of heterotopic salivary tissue: Pleomorphic adenoma of the nose.
Author(s): Jennifer E Fligor*, Amber R Leis
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Performing sound imitation in differentiating stridor and wheezing in clinical practice
Author(s): Nasser S Alharbi*, Dana Al-Enezi, Alwalid Alteraif
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Temperamental patterns and infant joint attention in typical development.
Author(s): Frolli A*, Lombardi A, Bosco A, Di Carmine F, Ricci MC
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